Waterbase Pu Adhesive


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8805 is waterbase PU adhesive, for bonding fabrics, rubber, PU, PVC, TPR, EVA, real leather, etc *eted at the imported high price waterbase adhesive of the market, developing and synthetizing independently waterbase PU adhesive, suitable for both assembly line and handwork.. High solid content, high quality, high viscosity, excellent permeability and anti-skipping performance, good oil-resistance and bonding feeling, strong initial viscous. Environmental protection, non-yellow, non-odor, excellent combine performance, wide application, etc. Item: waterbase PU adhesive Appearance: milky-white liquid Component: PU polymersVisocoity: 4,000-6,000CpsStorage: 6 months under normal temperature(25?)Packing size: 20KG/DrumOperating Procedure:Usage: PVC/RB1>. Please burnish/polish the surface of RB material first.RB---> BUFF--->8920AB 65??5?->8805+5%waterbase hardener 60??5?->joint->pressPVC--->311P660??5?->8805+5%RC65??5?->joint->press

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