Waterbase Packing Adhesive


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DELI water base soft package laminated adhesive is waterbase polyurethane resin, researched and developed independently by Guangdong Orient Resin Co., Ltd and his partners, designed for the lamination markets at home and overseas.Application: 1. Lamination of various plastic materials(such as PET, PE, PO, OPP, BOP, PP and CPP etc.) and carpet. 2. Lamination of some special material(such as aluminum foil, aluminized film etc. )3. Lamination of various paper to paper/paper to plastic/paper to aluminum foil(aluminized film) etc.4. It is widely applies in the soft packing factory, for no harm to any animals, it is very popular in the food package industries. And also the food packing factory, color printing factory, printing factory, laminated factory and lampshade factory etc.

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