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NameHigh temperature resistant adhesive(THO4060)OutlineBeing age and temperature resistant, shock and moisture-proof and corrosion resistant, this one-component strain modified epoxy adhesive cures fast at room temperature, these qualities, added by the nature of being malleable, and low linear expansion coefficient make it easy to use.ApplicationsIt is applicable to the self-bonding and mutual-bonding of metals, and ceramics under hot conditions, It is even more widely used in the screen printing process for its nature of being shock and press resistant.Features: it is white or transparent thick liquid, having no solid particles. Fast curing velocity. At 25℃, during 1-3 hour, it is at the early stage of curing,, it reaches its maximum bonding strength 26 hours later. If heated under 60℃, it solidifies 60-75 minutes later. . Being durable and resistant to ultraviolet light, once the bond has formed.Being heat-resistant, it adapts to a wide range of temperature and bonds well under high temperature. Mix the two components in a certain proportion, apply it to the surface of the substrates acquiring no strict treatment, which makes it so convenient to use. You'll see long term durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, oils, and temperature extremes. Non-toxic after solidification, though it is a little smelly.Being stable, its storage time is 12 months.The main technical performance indicators are as follows:Heat resistance scope:-45-553℃Cementation intensity: Normal temperature: Tensile strength≥22MPa; Shearing strength≥20 MPa150℃: Tensile strength 3-4.5 MPaInstruction1. Clean the surface of the material, make sure they have no dust or oil on them, wait until they are dry.2. Spread the mixture on the substrates, put them together and apply some strength on them, finally, let it dry by itself for 2-4 hours..Notes1. Better to keep the working place well ventilated.2.During reflow heating and curing process, when heated, some nontoxic white vapor will appear, 3.If it has contact with skin, you should wash with soapy water.4. It can be stored at well-ventilated places with low temperature, and keep them away from fire. Cover the lip after using it.


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