Thomas High Temperature Resistant Adhesives For Bonding Metals To Soft Materials


General Product Information:

Product nameHigh temperature resistant metal elastic adhesives (THO4053)OutlineBeing rigid and flexible, this double-component product is acrylic acid polyester adhesive. It is easy and convenient to use for it solidifies fast at normal temperature and bonds well. It is perfect adhesive to bond metals and rubber-type elastic materialsApplicationsThis product is widely applied to the sealing of hard material such as steel, aluminum and other with soft materials such as polyurethane rubber, nitrile rubber, PVC materialFeatures A, B component are light-colored transparent viscous liquid.Being strongly viscous and malleable, it adapts to the deformation of materials.It is oil-proof, water-proof, acid-resistant.The mixture is still effective within 12 hours, which makes it easy and ideal choice for assembly-line operations. Non-toxic after solidification, though it is a little smelly. If the glue touches skin, it should be wiped with acetone in a timely manner and rinse with water.Being stable, its storage time is one and a half year.The main technical performance indicators are as follows:Heat resistance scope:-60℃-100℃Peeling strength: (180 C )Steel / polyurethane rubber:1.6KN/mSteel / PVC-type vehicle seal:3KN/mSteel / NBR:0.7KN/mInstruction1. Clean the surface of the material, make sure they have no dust or oil on them, wait until they are dry.2. Mix A and B in a proportion of 3-4: 1 to get perfect bonding result (The more A is in the mixture, say 5:1, the higher the strength, The less A is, say 3:1, the stronger its toughness. 3. Spread the mixture on the substrates, put them together and apply some strength on them, finally, let them dry for 4-6 hours.Notes1 Better not leave the mixture for next time.2. If it has contact with skin, it should be wiped with acetone.3. It can be stored at well-ventilated places with low temperature Cover the lip after using it.


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