Raw Materials For Silicate Construction Adhesive

INN (International Nonproprietary Name):

Enterprise ARAS sells silicate raw materials as finished goods for futher re packing. It is a line of heat and cold proof, ready to use silicate gluing products (pastes). Suitable for further repacking in small packing ( 0, 5; 1 ; 2 ; 3; 5; 10 kg - as: ready to use ceramics glue, marble glue, mosaic glue, home-repair glue, thermo resistant glue, heat resistant repair adhesive, heat-resistant mastic, fireplace-repair mix, ) and distribution of the goods under Your local trade marks and names. Production is packing in plastic pail (buckets, containers) of 25 -40 kg. These are new silicate products in the adhesives market, qualitative and not expensive. The production is made of silicate binding materials and natural stuff, it is ready-to-use, has good adhesive properties, is environment-friendly, stands from low temperatures ( -40 C) up to high temperatures ( 1000 C ), odorless, resistant to oil products. Density 1,4 -1,8 kg/dm3. Expiry date 24 month. H.S code of production(TARIC) 3816000000.The adhesive is used in the industry, building, repair, decoration, restoration for gluing decorative components of ceramics, marble, stone, glass to different heated surfaces. Also suitable for gluing of tile, mosaic, heated floor, for building and repair fireplace, ovens, chimneys. Company is looking for cooperation partners.

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Industry:Glue Industry
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