Hot-melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Series

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Hot-melt adhesive is the most popular and most environmental protection * only no hamful solution but also no harm to human beings. It mainly used for shoes making, tape making, mattress making, sanitory articles, book binding, label pasting/making, packing joint sealing, etc. industries.Hot-melt adhesive for shoes making, 5105 series, 222 series, 233 series, 211 series, 636 series,Hot-melt adhesive for tape making, 210 series, Hot-melt adhesive for mattress, 228 series, and 700series, etc.Hot-melt adhesive for sanitory articles(sanitory napkins, baby diaper, etc.), 240 series, Hot-melt adhesive for label pasting , 241 series, 634, 666Hot-melt adhesive for label making, 226 series,Hot-melt adhesive for leather edge folding, 239 series, Hot-melt adhesive for book binding, 611 series and 616 series, Hot-melt adhesive for packing joint sealing, 617 series, Hot-melt adhesive for sound box, 622 series Hot-melt adhesive for carpentry edging, 632 series,Hot-melt adhesive for medical dressing, 7118 series

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