High Seal Epoxy Putty


General Product Information:

Mouldable into different shapes, High Seal Epoxy Putty can be cured to hard mass to offer longer shelf life. The product can withstand temperature up to 120°C without effecting the quality. Owing to its ability to be shaped, drilled, filed, sanded and painted, the product is widely demanded by our clients. High Seal can also find usage as a craft medium for making decorative artifacts and murals. Our product is used for sealing, joining, repairing and insulating ferrous & non-ferrous metals, glass, asbestos, concrete, ceramics and gap filling. In addition to these, our product also finds usage in household applications such as: Sealing leakage in flush tank Repairing wash basin pipes and radiators Joining chipped parts of ceramic and metal patterns Repairing and insulating cable terminal entry into switch boxes and transformers Stop roof leakage Block entry of ants Fill vehicle dentsPackaging: 50g, 100g and 1Kg


Industry:Adhesives Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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