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Mixing proportion: 10:1 or other fixed proportionMixing method: static mixing(standard)/ dynamic mixing(optional)Machine travel: 480 x 480mmProgram storage: 20Programming way: teaching programOverall size:1000 x 800 x 1500Input air pressure:0.5~0.7MPaPower supply: AC220V2,Main Feature:A, mixing and potting all in one, full automatic, achieve two functions in one machineB, Fixed proportion, can adjust quantity. To use at any time, high mixing precision, and proportion mixing as required, saving glue.C, Easy to operate, program. No-clean, easy to disassemble, pour A and B glue in each corresponding container, mixing and potting at the same time. It works when press switch button.D, wide industry application

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Industry:Lighting Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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